PGA 2019 Hospitality Packages

It’s no longer a secret that PGA championship, even though nationally and internationally broadcasts, limit the access to the course. The only way you can enter the Bethpage’s Black Course is by applying and purchasing the PGA hospitality packages. There are four hospitality packages available in PGA official: Private Chalets, Sarazen, Champions Club, and Empire Club.

Private Chalets Package

Chalets in the Black Course is one of the most eligible, premium spot which offers both best positioning and comprehensive amenities. These include comfort venue, corporate viewing badges, company signage, open bar, breakfast & lunch, and many more. The Chalets package include 10-100 daily tickets. The top feature is where you can upgrade or rebrand your chalet into your company’s name and/or logo. It’s the best choice to cover a wide spectrum of stakeholders in your company.

pga 2019 hospitality packagess

Sarazen Package

Looking for a medium group package? Sarazen package includes 30 daily guests as well as complete facilities including climate controlled venue, fixed company signage, buffet for breakfast 7 lunch, and so forth. It’s located at Black Course’s most difficult hole, Hole 15, with a clear view from a patio. The Sarazen hospitality package is available for weekly package, Thursday & Friday event, and Saturday & Sunday event. The second package has been sold out as this article is written, it’s better to hurry.

Champions Club Table Package

If you’re looking for a smaller group package, Champions Club Table package could be your best solution. It would be an ideal option for large scale companies which invite their top clients or stakeholders for PGA 2019. Champions Club exclusively includes 10 guests in the package with top amenities. The lively atmosphere and clear view are also the top advantages of this package. It’s available from Thursday to Sunday events but the tickets for the first two days have been sold as this article is written.

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Empire Club Package

The Empire Club is the only PGA’s individual hospitality option located at Black Course’s Hole 18 viewing suite. It’s the best option if you want to selectively entertain your company’s business stakeholders or just bring your family or friends enjoying PGA Championship 2019. In fact, it’s the only possible option if you want to join the PGA 2019 event individually without any corporate affiliation. It features exclusive access to the iconic Bethpage Clubhouse along with the premium amenities. Empire Club package feature two-day PGA 2019 events.